Welcome to the 2017 Golf Marathon fundraising page for Mark Salazar!

I’m super pumped to get out and play 100 holes of golf in one day to help raise support for my local ministry with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes! This year we are a FCA Night of Champions where we are bringing in Professional Athletes to share their testimonies and Share the Gospel. In my role with FCA, I reach out to college, high school and junior high student athletes and coaches with a focus on equipping, empowering, and encouraging them to make a difference within their schools, teams, and communities through the power and love of Jesus Christ. Your gift toward this event give me the opportunity to spend maximum time out on the “field” of FCA, and will give me a strong push to finish all 100 holes before dark! Please help me reach the youth of East County area I serve. I am prayerfully looking for 50 families to donate $100 or more! Together we can put a huge dent in my annual fundraising budget…..and please know that all contributions are 100% tax-deductible!

Please take the opportunity to support me in this worthwhile cause!!

My Fundraising Goal:  $5,000

Donation Examples:

   $.50/Hole = $50 Donation

   $1/Hole = $100 Donation

   $2/Hole = $200 Donation

   $5/Hole = $500 Donation

   ...or donate any one time amount!


Donate online below. If you prefer to mail a check, make it payable to FCA with "Golf Marathon" in the memo line and address to:

PO Box 711693
Santee, CA  92072