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After much prayer and consideration, the Houston FCA Staff has decide to forgo the 2017 Victory Gala.

Watching flood waters rise in our city has broken our hearts, and more than our prayers have gone out to those affected. We want to be what FCA is intended to be, and that is the hands and feet of Jesus. Normally, this is more clearly defined with a focus on fields and locker rooms, but in the wake of Harvey our efforts to be lights in the city of Houston have evolved to include relief labors. We ourselves are painfully aware of the great needs of our great city at this time; thus, the Gala does not seem an appropriate celebration, though celebrate we shall by being ground troops and continuing to spread the Gospel.

Our cities’ needs have changed, but the need for the Gospel has not. Coaches and athletes will be reached differently at this time by our staff, and we need your partnership in executing the task we are called to in ministry. As a fully faith-financed ministry, we ask that you continue to support Fellowship of Christian Athletes so that we may answer our calling and remain funded in this time of unyielding trust and prayer. Now more than ever, when funding is tight all over the city, we rely on God to provide the donors and the funds and by omitting the gala this year, we ask that you support us above and beyond what you would have because truly, this work is more important. This is our city. This is our family. This is our God—the God of the calm, and of the storm. In the light after the storm, Jesus is being cried out to and we hope to come alongside those in desperate search of Him.

To support our staff at this time of great need, we ask that you consider a onetime gift or signing up for monthly giving. Please contact Suzette Tolson at 281-389-4002 or stolson@fca.org for information. We appreciate and love our community and totally trust that God will provide.

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If you would like to support Houston FCA on as an Automatic Monthly Partner, please sign up at http://my.fca.org 

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